Monday, July 4, 2011

Cave Lion

I have been a real slacker at keeping this blog up... i just switched jobs and hope that helps... so lets do a quick catch up and see how it goes... in Feb, I went with Boone and Bill to catch lions in Jackson... we ended up catching this old battle ax of a lion that had lost her ears and tail to frostbite... she was in rough shape but still plugging along... the wildlife guys that were out doing elk counts from a helicopter spotted her and then let us know where she was... after treeing her, she decided to bail while I was waiting for everyone to come to the tree. I turn teh hounds on her and they caught her in the wide open. I thought we were going to have a big mess... but she slowly worked her way to a ledge and bailed off, like 30-40 feet down and landed right by Boone. She then turned and ran into a cave. Jesse and I crawled back into the cave to dart her.. it was tight as the roof of the cave was only 18 inches high in places. it was pretty intense for a few seconds when the dart hit her. Their first reaction is flight, but we were plugging the hole so it was a bit intense when she lunged forward and started biting at the dart... alll in all, it was a good trip with terrible snow... made us work hard.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Going Private

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